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Recline for two children




Recline for one child




Trailer for two child

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Trailer for one child

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Bike trailer with plenty of space for 2 children




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Max Child Capacity 2 1 2 1 2
Adjustable 5 Point Safety Harness
Insect Mesh Cover
Water Resistant Fabrics
Waterproof Polyester Fabrics
Plush Seat padding
Ultra Plush Padded Seating
Seat Recline Function - 3 Position
Rear Storage Compartment
Foot Operated Park Brake
Hand Operated Park Brake
Fully Adjustable Position Push Handle 2 Position
Cargo Function (seats fold flat)
Quick Release Wheels
Compact Easy Folding for Storage
Adjustable Suspension
Puncture Resistant Refective Tyres
Bike Arm and Stroller Wheel included
Safe 'Easy' Connection Point
Jogger Wheel Compatible

Child Bike Trailers 

When it comes to the best bike trailers for kids, Scandinavian brand Hamax is a world leader. Since the 1950s, this Norway-based business has maintained a meticulous focus on child bike trailer safety.

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Bike Trailers for Kids

Whatever model you’re after, all Hamax bicycle trailers come with the following features:

  • Five-point safety system
  • Fully adjustable position push handle
  • Rear storage capacity
  • Quick-release wheel
  • Bike arm and stroller wheel
  • Insect mesh shade
  • Sun cover

    In terms of additional features thereafter, this will depend on the child bike trailer you are after. However, Hamax models include: 
  • Jogger wheel compatibility
  • Seat recline
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Plush seat padding
  • Water resistance, and more! 

  • Let Us Help With Your Query About Bike Trailers for Kids

    We know there is a wealth of information out there when it comes to child bike trailer options. But, you’re a busy parent, and you just want to cut to the chase; we understand! So why not contact one of our friendly team members today and let us provide everything you need to know when it comes to bike trailers for kids that are suitable for your particular situation and needs. 


    What’s the Minimum Age to Ride in a Bike Trailer?

    There is no Australian law regarding the minimum age of kids riding in a bike trailer. However, the person towing the trailer must be 16 years or older, and everyone travelling must be wearing a helmet. 

    Are Bike Trailers Safe for Children? 

    We think cycling is a fantastic sport for all involved. Having your child in a bike trailer is a chance to get them passionate about this form of transport right from an early age. Hamax undergoes rigorous testing of all bike trailers to ensure the strictest safety standards.

    Why Buy a Bike Trailer for Cycling With Your Child?

    Perhaps the question should be, “Why wouldn’t you buy a bike trailer for cycling with your child”? As far as we are concerned, the benefits are endless! They include: 

  • Being a terrific role model - you’re showing your kid how good it is to be active and healthy 
  • Economical  - save your money on a car, maintenance and petrol 
  • Environmental - leave a lighter footprint and opt for human-powered transport, not pollution-powered!
  • Mental well-being - why get pent-up in a car stuck in traffic when you can weave your way around on cycling paths and be more in touch with nature?  
  • Health - cycling is a great way to achieve optimum well-being.

  • Do the Hamax Trailers Fit All Bikes?  

    Hamax Trailers will fit any bike that has a nutted rear axle, quick release axle or a through axle using the optional hitch adapter for thru axle kit. It’s always best to check with our customer service team to ensure compatibility.

    What Is Safer a Child Bike Seat or Trailer?

    Hamax works to make all its products and accessories as safe as possible when it comes to safety. Therefore, it’s not so much a question about which is safest, but which is better suited to your lifestyle, needs, and comforts. That said, if an accident were to occur, it is perhaps less likely for a trailer to tip over. 

    What Is the Weight Limit of Bike Trailers?

    The average weight limit of each Hamax bike trailer is 40kg with a minimum age of 6 months recommended. Hamax have created a handy baby insert for the Outback and Avenida Trailers. This will come in handy if you have a child below the age of one years old.

    Does My Child Need to Wear a Helmet in the Trailer?

    Yes. As per Australian road rules, every cyclist and passenger needs to wear an Australian safety standards approved bicycle helmet.

    Which Is Better, a Trailer or a Baby Seat? 

    We don’t think this is possible to answer - it all comes down to what will best suit you and your child. Both keep the child strapped in and secure whilst travelling; both allow your passenger to see as much as possible. Perhaps the only feature we can distinguish is when it comes to weather - the trailer obviously will do a better job protecting your child from sun, wind or rain. 

    How to Choose the Best Kids Bike Trailer? 

    Some important things to consider include: 

  • Your budget 
  • One or two children 
  • Compatibility between bike trailer and bike 
  • The weight and height of your child 
  • What type of riding you will be doing (e.g. flat, sealed roads or country terrain)
  • Storage
  • Additional accessories - external coverings and ventilation 
  • Suspension  
  • Seat type
  • Adjustable handlebars  
  • Folding/ ease of installation 
  • Wheel size
  • Type of brakes

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