Hamax | Caress Child Bike Seat

A safe and comfortable adventure for the child Hamax top model rear seat, Caress, is an innovative bicycle child seat with an abundance of high quality details. The seat is equipped with an adjustable seat back and a recline function of 20°. All adjustments are designed for one-handed operation so you can use the other hand to stabilize the bike when securing your child.

Hamax | Hitch adapter for 12 mm thru axles

The hitch adapter will enable you to attach the bike trailer to almost any kind of bike with a 12 mm rear axle. The Hamax axle is universal, as it has 4 different spacers and 3 different studs. It will therefore be easy to find the right combination for your bike’s frame.

Hamax | Observer front mounted child bike seat - with windshield

Be close to your child on the first bike trips! The Observer, a front mounted child bike seat, allows you to take your youngest child biking in a safe and comfortable way from an early age.

Hamax | Caress Rack Mount child bike seat - see how to assemble

See how to assemble the Hamax Caress child bike seat to your bike using the rack mount.

Hamax | Outback bike trailer now with recline function

The Outback is now available with a reclining seat back, so that the child can rest comfortably during the ride. The seat can be placed in three different positions, and it is really easy to adjust the angle.

Hamax | How to change between stroller wheel and bicycle arm on Hamax Outback bicycle trailer

We will show you how easy it is to change between stroller wheel and bicycle arm on Hamax Outback bicycle trailer. The Outback has a double locking system, a safe Connection point, securing a safe and easy exchange of usage modes.

Hamax | Outback bicycle trailer with reclining function

The Hamax Outback with reclining function is a user friendly, comfortable and safe multifunctional child carrier. A solid aluminium frame provides optimal protection for the children and it has a generous space in the cockpit.

Hamax | Caress child bike seat with adjustable sleeping position

The Hamax Caress child bike seat is our top model - both in look and feel. It has adjustable footrest system, adjustable seat back system and adjustable sleeping position. Safe and simple to fit!

Hamax | Avenida Bicycle Trailer - instruction video

Shows how to assemble Avenida Bicycle Trailer to get ready for strolling or biking.